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Refrigerated Containers

Cold storage units and refrigerated containers or trailers are versatile investments, especially if your business requires additional onsite or portable cold storage.

A refrigerated container, portable walk-in cooler or refrigerated trailer, alongside any other type of cold storage unit, can be used as additional onsite coolers or freezers, ideal for applications in the food distribution and restaurant industries. There are many refrigerated shipping containers for sale that you can choose from, depending on your intended use.

Here are some common types of cold storage options you can use for all your refrigerated storage needs:

Walk-in Coolers

Excellent for food distributors or restaurants that require additional cold storage, walk-ins not only provide ample space for chilled or frozen foods but also allow convenient portability, so you can transport from one location to another on most tilt or flatbed trailers.

These refrigerated containers sit comfortably on the ground, and can be fitted into parking spaces or any available space for the easy access of your goods. Typical walk-ins maintain temperatures from 0-40°F, providing efficient cold storage environments for most perishable foods.

Refrigerated Containers

These maintain a wider temperature range than a walk-in, which is cooler. They go below 0°F up to 75°F, suiting them for a large scale of temperature- controlled storage. Refrigerated Containers are usually equipped with double doors that lock at one end, for easy access to the interior. Cargo capacity varies, but standard units can often hold as many as eight standard pallets, stacked size by side. Most units also have a t-rail floor system, making it easier to handle forklift and pallet jack traffic.


20ft Cold Storage Containers

20 ft Cold Storage Containers are an excellent investment for small- and large-scale businesses that require additional cold storage to be kept onsite or transported between locations. They are a great option here, as this cold storage is ideal when space is restrictive, as they allow a great deal of flexibility, keeping temperature-sensitive goods safe from spoilage or damage.

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