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Offshore Containers (DNV)

With all three types of offshore container on offer, we always confirm a commitment to quality and offers appropriate, recognised industry certification such as DNV and Lloyds Register.

We offer three types of overseas containers:

  • Mini Containers
  • Half-height Containers
  • Dry Goods Containers

Our lifting sets meet DNV 2.7-1 certification. We also provide asset-lifting slings. We supply wire rope products, and supply and maintain both lifting equipment and facilities, alongside providing lifting equipment and accessories for hire – whether through individual hire or fully-fitted rigging lofts.

Unrivalled safety

We ensure the safety of our offshore equipment and personnel through both testing and inspection. We supply equipment to the highest of standards, and provide comprehensive testing and inspection, both on- and offshore. Rest assured that your equipment will meet international levels of compliance.

The services we provide include:

  • Certification management and thorough SI2307 examination surveys
  • Dive system and lifeboat davit inspections
  • Remotely-operated vehicle systems inspection
  • Dropped object surveys

And technical support, including:

  • Compliance audits
  • Lift planning
  • Independent competent person support

Mini Containers

We can supply you with Mini DNV offshore containers. These small units have been both designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV2.7-1/ BSEN 12079. Supplied with door cargo nets and fitted with a mid-shelf where required, units are supplied (as standard) with certified slings and shackles. Mini containers are stackable, which is of course a very valuable asset when deck or yard space is at a premium.

Mini Container bases also have integrated forklift pockets, providing access to all sides. This allows valuable ease of loading and offloading when in the yard. Supplied with internal tie down points throughout the interior, they are fitted to provide strong harness points for the security of your cargo. Our mini container units can be delivered in your choice of paint colours with logos and branding all in place, and a full offshore paint system blasted SA2.5+3 coat system has been applied.

Half-height Containers

Our half-height containers are cleverly designed to stack up, to save on valuable space in the yard or on deck. They have been designed and certified with DNV2.7-1 / BS EN 12079, and are supplied with shackles and slings as standard.

We know that space can be at a premium on deck and in the yard, so half height units offer the perfect solution when vertical height is not the space that you require, allowing you to fit more units on the same ground space.

Our offshore DNV Half-Height Containers are also supplied with cargo nets, or tarpaulins for the safety and security of your load, and have integrated forklift pockets, which are fitted to allow for ease of loading and offloading in the yard. Your cargo is made secure with strong internal tie down points, and all of our Half-Height Containers are designed with a useful (and removable) side door.

Dry Goods Containers

We also supply dry goods containers. As typical across the DNV range, they have been designed and certified in accordance with the DNV2.7-1/BS EN 12079 standard, and are supplied as standard with certified shackles and slings.

Deck or yard space is always at a premium, so our units are easily stackable. Our dry goods units are provided with door cargo nets and door tie back retainers, and easy movement for offloading is ensured by the base’s integrated forklift pockets.

Dry goods containers are supplied with internal tie down points so that all cargo can be strongly and safely secured, and have had a full offshore paint system blasted SA2.5+3 coat system applied. They can be delivered with colours and branding all already applied, so your unit is ready to get straight to work.